Indications of use by the antibacterial medication zithromax

Chronic obstruction pulmonary diseaseZithromax is an efficient medicine of choice of people with bacterial infections. It needs to be used by people having infections as a result of bacteria, but be sure it is safe for consumption. If you suffer from any bacterial infections, you have to use this medicine. However, you must seek help from your doctor first. This is essential for you to know if this drug can truly provide the best benefits.

Moreover, Zithromax must be used for treating the infections alleged to be taking place as an effect of bacteria. The material about the vulnerability and the culture is important. If the outcomes of these assessments come out, Zithromax must be considered as a part of the medicine that can be taken in treating such bacterial infections. However, if the info about this is absent, the epidemiology may be a factor for selecting the best management for bacterial problems.


UrethritisZithromax can be prescribed to patient suffering from sexually transmitted disease. The most common illness that Zithromax can treat is Chlamydia trachomatis. This ailment should be checked by the doctor first before using the medication intended to get rid of it. In addition, mycobacterial infections can also be treated with Zithromax. Even people with the advanced stage of HIV infection can use this particular drug to treat the condition.

People suffering from infections that include exacerbations of chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD), sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis media and simple skin diseases can also take advantage of using Zithromax.


If you are taking Zithromax, it is a must to avoid any antacids that contain magnesium, and even aluminum. Furthermore, you must monitor your intake of digoxin, ergots, phenytoin and cyclosporine if you will likewise use Zithromax. As long as there are drugs you are using that can prolong the QT interval, you must avoid them in any way likely.


Zithromax is supplied in white-colored, film-covered and oval-shaped tablets. Zithromax 600mg includes azithromycin; the active ingredient of this particular medicine. Plus, this drug is packed in 30 tablets every one bottle. Also, the oral suspension of Zithromax is provided in single dose packages that hold azithromycin.

The suggested dosage of Zithromax for treating cervicitis and urethritis is one gram, or 100mg dosage. People can take a single dosage package. It is imperative to take note that Zithromax can be used with an intake of food, or without any food intake. Nevertheless, there is an increased tolerability as evidenced by patients who used Zithromax tablets with an intake of food.